Case Study


Automated E-way Bill Solution for an international brand operating worldwide in personal & Health care products

An enriched API process of E-Way Bill solution for better management of E-way Bills

Cygnet GSP Understood the client’s data transfer mechanism so that we could transfer data to and from between client and the Cygnet systems. We understood the pain of logging everything in the system for and wait for approval for activities like test cases result, support model details, escalation matrix report, ISG security questionnaires etc.

One such case is exemplified with our solution e-way bill management where we helped them to generate, manage & track e-way bills. Client used global SAP systems where country specific changes were difficult to implement. Implementation needed to happen through SAP PI only with XML mapping data and system needed to consume XML file format.

Cygnet GSP developed a comprehensive E-Way Bill (EWB) Solution that not only generated E-Way bills but also seamlessly integrated with the current ERP systems reducing the need for manual data upload for E-Way Bill generation.

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