GSTR-9C Audit Compliance Solution

  • Reconcile Turnover, Tax Payable & Input Tax Credits
  • Compare Annual Returns with Books of Accounts
  • Use Automation to Process Large Volumes of Data
  • Multiple Reconciliation Reports to Help Audit Team

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Be Prepared for GST Audit

GST audit is a compliance requirement for companies with revenues over 2 crores in the financial year. The audit which has to be certified by a CA or a Cost Accountant consists of reconciliation between the books of accounts and the GST returns filed in the financial year. Any discrepancies need to be recorded with due reasoning.  

Cygnet Audit software helps companies to prepare for this audit

Cygnet Audit application helps you with doing reconciliation in house before the external audit.  It imports data, reconciles with returns filed on GSTN and produces comprehensive reconciliation report which can help you to identify mismatches and prepare the explanations for them. Thus, Cygnet audit tool saves time and brings in more transparency to your own data.

Audit Reports

Auditing and Reconciliation


Cygnet Audit tool and Data reconciliation
  • Data extraction from end customer’s eco system.
  • Processing, parsing & basic validation on extracted data.
  • Manage multiple locations & process data for each location
  • Reconciliation of Invoices/Sales-Purchase Register comparison with Sales and Purchase register
  • Generation of reconciliation reports
  • GSTN data integration – download of GSTN data and reconciliation of purchase/sales register with GSTN data
  • Display reports like transactional and summary level, reconciliation reports and GSTR 9C Audit report
  • Data imports for general ledger and master data

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