The market is full of GSPs that provide you with GST return filing solutions. However most of the solutions lack the ability to establish a connect between the existing ERP systems and the GSTN portal. The major hurdle happens to be the data generated by the ERP systems not being in the format that needs to be filed on GSTN.

Cygnet GSP has developed a GST Return filing solution that not only communicates with the ERP systems but also processes data to make it GST compliant and all the way prepare and file GST returns.

Cygnet GSP stands apart from the existing ASP GSP providers in the market due to some very distinct functional and non-functional differentiators.

Functional Differentiators:

  1. Cygnet ASP-GSP system is capable to be an end to end integrated system with SAP or any other ERP solution so that data automatically flows between the systems. Cygnet uses connectors that act as a link between the ERP systems and the GSTN to make sure that you have a ready solution to process GST data before filing GST returns.
  2. Cygnet provides ‘Master Data Validation’ feature where customer can bulk validate the data of customer and supplier GSTIN numbers into the Cygnet S Cygnet can also extend this solution directly to your SAP where we can extend an API to your SAP solution and you can validate all the available and new GSTINs directly in SAP.
  3. Cygnet has the most comprehensive GSTR – 2A reconciliation engine where customer can perform,
    1. Monthly Reconciliation
    2. Yearly Consolidated Reconciliation (and records including till date)
    3. Supplier wise Reconciliation
    4. Auto identification of manual data entry errors for invoice numbers (Near Miss Records)
    5. Action based ITC calculation
    6. Advance level filter on the data to work on specific records.
    7. Generate Reconciliation Report at PAN India level so customer can see the ITC position across locations
  4. As a part of integration if there are any validation errors in the outward invoices, we can write error description back to SAP against the invoice number, so you can see the errors in SAP for further correction.
  5. For available records in purchase register we provide reconciliation status flag into the SAP so you can identify whether a particular invoice booked in SAP is reconciled or not and take a decision on supplier payment.
  6. Auto-calculation of GSTR 3B data based on the data uploaded or data that flows to the system via integration or by data available in GSTR 2A actions
  7. A fully functional GSTR 9 Filing Solution along with TDS, TCS and ISD returns
  8. GSTR 9 figures auto calculated based on two parameters – GSTN data and system data and if any difference exists between these parameters they are
  9. Provision of GSTR 3B vs GSTR 1 and GSTR 2A report which highlights the difference between the summary return 3B filed and transaction data available in the system which is very critical for GSTR 9 and 9C.

E-Way bill management System

  1. An EWB solution available on the same architecture of the application hence in future when govt merges both the modules we can provide a unified solution.
  2. Entire EWB generation process is automated and integrated hence no manual effort is required for EWB generation after posting the invoice in the SAP/ERP system.
  3. Cygnet provides the reports like reconciliation of EWB vs GSTR 1 and 2A which is again critical from audit report stand point. Other reports are also available in the Cygnet Solution at organization level.
  4. EWB Mobile Application – Cygnet also has an EWB Android mobile application which has following features:
    1. All portal related features on the mobile apps like generation, cancellation, expiry, extension etc.
    2. Advance filters on the EWB data that help user filter and sort data and take necessary action
    3. Alerts on life cycle of EWB which will keep users updated on EWB related activities.
    4. EWB QR code scanner in mobile application
    5. Update the Part – B of details on mobile app which provide flexibility to the users
    6. Facility to share the EWBs on SMS, Email and WhatsApp which will help in keeping all the users updated in terms of any changes on EWB part.

Non – Functional Differentiators

Apart from the above there are many non-functional differentiators that make Cygnet a unique choice since it is an IT company and a GSP that owns and runs its own data ecosystems that are secure and provide some distinct advantages as below.

  1. Cygnet completely own the ecosystem for the application like Data Center and GSP Gateway which provides
    1. Better Control
    2. Faster data connectivity as all the data hubs are available in-house
    3. Lesser dependencies on third parties like DC service provider and other GSPs
    4. Agility in providing the compliance related changes, updates and enhancements faster being a GSP
    5. A 24/7 Support Center for the L1 support which provides telephonic and email ticket based support.
  2. In-house system integration team.
    1. A robust and experienced in-house team for SAP and other ERP systems integration with ASP and EWB application.
    2. API based integrations assuring real-time transfer of data between the system for EWB application and file based integration for ASP.
    3. Connectors for non-SAP systems and programs for SAP based integrations.
  3. Integrated ASP-GSP Application
  4. Cygnet has built EWB module on the same architecture and application of ASP-GSP application which helps in,
    1. Reconciliation of EWB with GSTR – 1 and GSTR – 2A data thereby identifying the invoices missed in compliance filing and future audit issues.
    2. Cygnet Documents Module provides enhanced functionalities of document center that helps avoid multiple times data upload in future.
    3. Integrated ASP application with filing capability available from same application. You need not to go on any other application  (GSTN Portal) to file the return or do any other activities.

Technology as Core Business

Technology being at the core of Cygnet’s business it has a rich experience in the field. It has provided technology solutions to numerous clients till date since the year 2000 and continues to develop and deliver cutting edge technology solutions to various industries.

With multiple products in it’s GST ecosystem to provide solution for GST invoicing, GST audit and return filing it is capable of providing value added solutions for EWB and GST return filing.

Cygnet GSP is committed to providing cutting edge technologically driven solutions to file your GST returns easily with speed and accuracy. We strive to make your business a priority by simplifying GST return filing through our IT solutions. We live by our belief of ‘IT is about you’.

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