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Digital Signing Utility

We now a days require a signature on every document with the world becoming a digital market place and especially with the GST era that has ushered in. GST invoices must be signed either physically or digitally as a mandate. We cannot take a print of each document every time to sign them physically and share them with customers. Digital Signatures come to rescue at such times. Cygnet GSP has a perfect solution for digital signing and sharing these with your customers/clients.

Let us understand a bit more about the need and use of digital signatures here.

Why is there a need for digital signing utility?

Signatures are required on every document be it for a personal contract or a corporate business organization entering into different agreements. Signatures provide the required authenticity to every document.

The GST regime has ushered in an era where every transaction needs to be backed up by an invoice or a credit note or debit note and so on. Large organizations especially feel the heat where several thousand of invoices need to be made and need authentications too in the form of signatures. GST requires invoices not only for sale transactions to external clients or customers but also for inter branch transactions and other such services. Although electronic invoices do not require any physical signature since they are signed using DSC but all others must be signed by an authorized signatory. This is a huge burden on the corporates with thousands of invoices generated monthly.

GST requirements for digital signatures

As per sub-rule (q) rule 46 of CGST rules 2017 it is clearly mentioned that signature or digital signature of supplier or authorized signatory is required on every GST invoice.

All the invoices uploaded as a part of GST Filing are required to be digitally signed. Organizations can now send and store electronic invoices that are digitally signed using digital signature certificates.

With these requirements in place you must have a solution that takes care of your digital signing requirements.

PDF signing utility by Cygnet GSP

The PDF Signing Utility by Cygnet comes loaded with features that can make the signing process easy and efficient at the same time. Some major issues with signing GST invoices are signing them in bulk and then sending them to respective customers and then following up on them. Cygnet signing utility takes care of all such woes and addresses them with precision.

The features are listed here:

  • Facility to bulk e-sign invoices in PDF by setting placeholders and formats for invoices
  • Auto signed PDF copies and emails to respective customer email IDs.
  • Pick-up PDFs from the Local/FTP Folder and send signed copy to respective email ids.
  • Email engine for emailing the DSC signed invoices and statements
  • Password protected Invoice PDFs before sending to customer
  • Active Directory Integration
  • User can check the list of created vendors, filter and upload vendor master data
  • Single/Multiple DSC Support
  • Multiple signatures on single/multiple page document i.e. (Same signature multiple times sign at diff. places)
  • ‘Search by Text’ feature to sign on readable pdf document which is fully customizable configuration-based signing
  • Download/resend email for already signed documents

With all these features signing documents and several thousand GST invoices can be done within no time and manual efforts can be avoided. Signatures were never so easy before.

Cygnet GSP is committed to providing cutting edge technologically driven solutions to file your GST returns easily with speed and accuracy. We strive to make your business a priority by simplifying GST return filing through our IT solutions. We live by our belief of ‘IT is about you’. Schedule a demo here.

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