Document Generation & Bulk Signing Solution

Automate Digital Signing & Invoice Generation

Save Time with Automation

As per CGST rules, taxpayer must ensure that a digital signature of the authorized representative is affixed on the tax invoice. Manually signing each invoice with DSC is a time consuming and cumbersome process. This is where Cygnet’s document generation and bulk signing application helps companies.

Cygnet’s application consists of two modules. One module creates the document you want to sign by entering the invoice data (including the IRN and QR code received after registering the invoice on the IRP) pulled from your source ERP systems into the invoice template to create a PDF. The second module signs the document with a digital signature by accessing it from a USB token attached to the server.



Automatically generate documents such as invoices and credit and debit notes by extracting data from ERP system. Cygnet has built ready connectors that can extract invoice data from a variety of source systems such as SAP, Oracle and others. User can create predefined invoice template and map the invoice fields in the template. Once automated, documents get generated without any manual intervention.

Automated Bulk Digital Signing Module

The application picks-up PDFs from the Local/FTP Folder and send signed copy to respective email ids

Allows user to do bulk digital signing of invoices in PDF format by setting placeholders

The application can sign multiple digital signatures on single or multiple page documents

It supports the server-side, client-side and API based signing and provides dashboard to view signing statistics

Dashboard To View Signing Statistics​

Solution Benefits

Time To Automate Document Signing