Become e-Invoicing compliant before
1st April 2022

Mandatory e-Invoicing for Indian firms with turnover of Rs. 20 Cr or more

Start generating automated e-Invoices within 24 hours

As per the recent Government notice, e-Invoicing under GST has now become mandatory for all companies with turnover from Rs. 20 Cr to Rs.50 Cr, with effect from 1st April’22. Businesses in India have only a few days to automate invoicing process and generate valid e-Invoices to become compliant.


Cygnet Tax Tech can help businesses automate e-Invoice & e-Way bill generation under GST along with invoice status tracking mechanism to small and medium-sized corporates, Chartered Accountants and more.

130 million e-Invoices in India are already generated

125+ successful e-Invoicing implementations done across various industries

Quick turnaround time from implementing changes from gov.

Cygnet Tax Tech offerings

If you have an accounting software:

Integrate with Cygnet Tax Tech Invoicing tool to start generating e-Invoices. Our tool is also e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill compliant.

If you are using Tally:

With our Tally connector using Cygnet enriched APIs, you can generate e-Invoices and e-Way Bills.

If you aren't using any accounting software:

Cygnet FACE GST Accounting software will help you generate e-Invoice and e-Way Bill in bulk.

End-to-end e-Invoicing ecosystem:

We also offer our Enterprise-ready e-Invoicing solution.


Cygnet Invoicing Tool

Tally Connectors

Cygnet FACE

400+ Data validations

Integrate with any ERP platform that you have

Accepts the data in all formats whether csv, excel or JSON

ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and VAPT certified

Ready-to-go Tally connectors

Enable 3-way reconciliation of e-Invoice, e-Way Bill and GST returns

In-house data centre with 99.98% uptime, and 24x7 support

Encourage business continuity

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FAQ’s on e-Invoicing

e-Invoicing has become the hottest topic of discussion for all businesses and taxpayers. Beginning 1st Apr 2022, this game-changing, e-Invoicing mechanism will be implemented as a mandate for companies with a turnover exceeding ₹20 crores in any of the financial years from 2017-18 onwards.

The new e-Invoicing system is going to be helpful in avoiding reconciliation errors and preventing fake invoicing rackets.

Cygnet Tax Tech recently conducted a webinar to explain the facets of this e-Invoicing mechanism. The following are some of the questions and answers excerpted from the webinar interaction.

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