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    As per the latest GST e-Invoicing mandate for companies with a turnover of 20 crores and more, Indian businesses have only 20 days left to generate GST e-Invoices & e-Way bills.
    Cygnet Tax Tech is supporting Chartered accountants and Tax Advisors to help their clients automate invoicing process and generate valid e-Invoices.

    Cygnet Tax Tech e-Invoicing Solutions

    Cygnet Tax Tech can offer four types of solutions to get you started with your e-Invoicing journey at attractive prices.

    If you are using an accounting software:

    Integrate with Cygnet Tax Tech Invoicing tool to start generating e-Invoices under GST. Our tool is also e-Invoicing and e-Way Bill compliant.

    If you are using

    Our Tally friendly solution can export relevant data to generate bulk e-Invoices and e-Way Bill.

    e-Invoicing tool referral program:

    Partner with us, recommend our product to your clients and avail the benefits.


    Cygnet Invoicing Tool

    Tally friendly solution

    Cygnet FACE

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    Hear it from our client