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GST: Journey of four years & way forward

The most momentous moment of Indian tax history since independence would certainly be the moment when the clock struck twelve on midnight of 30th June 2017. Overnight the Indian indirect taxation system underwent a sea change. All the ancient tax schemas elapsed and the new age reform – GST was birthed.

Read this eBook to know:

  • Journey of compliances under GST
  • Role of technology in GST
  • Moving ahead and the future of GST
GST journey of 4 years

E-Book: E-Invoicing In India

Companies with an annual turnover of more than 500 crores need to start generating their E-invoices from 1st Oct 2020. Thus, it becomes very important to understand the concept of E-invoicing and the related action points. Cygnet GSP along with the TMSL team, has crafted this e-Book for those who want to update their knowledge on E-invoicing. 

Read this eBook to know:

  • E-invoicing Concept & E-Invoicing Timeline
  • New Development Under E-Invoicing
  • Challenges & Benefits of E-Invoicing
  • Old vs New Automation Approach
  • Cygnet’s E-invoice Solution

E-book: GST Applicability – Scope, Levy, Composite and Mixed Supplies

Cygnet GSP along with the TMSL team has crafted this eBook for people craving to learn basics of GST. GST, being the biggest reform in the tax regime in India – This ebook shall help you know its applicability, its History, the extent of supply, its constitutional provisions, and much more.

Read this eBook to know:
  • Taxes Subsumed & Erstwhile Indirect Tax Regime Scope
  • Constitutional Provisions for GST
  • Extent & CBIC Clarifications
  • Charging Section
  • Scope of GST & Classification of Supply


Goods and Services Tax aka GST is the biggest tax reform in India.It was introduced with the vision of making India a market following the One Nation One Tax Approach. This eBook is on GSTR 9C. GSTR 9C’s due date for this financial year is very close.There are some important things that need to be kept in mind.

Read this eBook to know:

  • What is GSTR 9C?
  • What is its applicability?
  • What are the documents required to be submitted along with GSTR-9C?
  • What is the penalty for the late filing of GSTR-9C?
  • Cygnet Audit Compliance Solution

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