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A powerful tool designed for banks and NBFCs to assess the credit worthiness of their loan prospects by combining data from multiple sources including income tax returns, bank statements, MCA portal and GST data. 

Cygnet Financial and ratio analysis software

The FAME Advantage

  • Increased efficiency through automated decisions
  • Build loan  offers on the  fly based on the fly based on customer needs
  • Enhanced analytics  based on customer  and business data
  • Reduce the time,  cost and risk in  customer/vendor  evaluation
  • Decisions based on complete and authentic  information

The FAME Business Insights Report

  • Get access to reports using only a PAN number
  • Get 25+ tables and charts in a single click
  • Important business insights on a single page
  • Comprehensive Business Performance Overview based on GST data

The FAME Advantage

  • Assess credit worthiness in real time 
  • Save costs through automation
  • Create loan offers on the fly based on needs
  • Indicative monthly evaluation of P&L and Balance Sheet at a group and state level

The FAME Business Insights Report

Return Filing Information

FAME - Returns Filed - Cygnetgsp

This report shows the details about the GST returns filed through the financial year. It also highlights the months in which the returns were not filed.  

Sales Summary and Bifurcation

FAME - Sales Summary - Cygnetgsp

This report creates summaries for sales month wise and also gives you your total sales from B2B and B2C channels along with credit notes information.

Sales Documents Bifurcation

FAME - Sales Docs - Cygnetgsp

This report generates summaries of B2B, B2C as well as credit notes summary in case of B2B sales. This information indicates months and customer category where sales have been high and where product returns have taken place

Credit/Debit Note Raised vs Sales Bifurcation

FAME - credit notes - cygnetgsp

This report will show you the product returns made as against the sales and can indicate problem areas with your products and highlight improvement areas.

Sales by Tax Rate, by State and YoY Comparison

FAME - Sales YoY - Cygnetgsp

These reports will give vital information on how much tax is paid on each product sold, state wise sales performance as well as trends on YOY basis

Top 10 customers Every Month

FAME - top 10 customers - CygnetGSP

This report will highlight the major chunk of customers where business needs to concentrate more and also highlight the need to diversify risk by adding more big customers.

Purchase Summary and Bifurcation

FAME - purchase summary - CygnetGSP

These reports will highlight the major vendors, problem areas where purchase returns are very high and a need to change such vendors and bifurcation of purchases month wise and B2B and reverse charge wise too.

Purchase by Tax Rate, by State & YoY Comparison

FAME - Purchase - CygnetGSP

This report will indicate the GST paid on inward supplies, state wise purchases and purchase trends. It will help identify whether there are any unusual trends in these parameters

Top 10 Vendors Every Month

FAME - vendors top 10 - CygnetGSP

This report will indicate the top vendors for the business and their percentage in the total purchase. This will highlight which vendors are more important to the business

Total Tax Payment Trend

FAME - tax paid - CygnetGSP

This is a very insightful report providing tax payment pattern during the period under consideration and hence providing with predictions for months where we paid more tax. This will help provisioning for tax.

Total ITC Available vs Claimed Report

FAME - ITC - CygnetGSP

ITC report will indicate whether there is a major variance in ITC available vs claimed that will reveal any major reconciliation points.

Sales vs Purchase Variance

FAME - variance - CygnetGSP

Sales vs Purchase trends are a major indicator of business and will produce very important data for decision-making.

HSN summary both quantitative and monetary

FAME - HSN - CygnetGSP

These various reports are generated HSN wise basis HSN / SAC codes, unit price, sales vs HSN etc. These will give a fair idea on the variety of products the business deals in and sales made against each HSN/SAC code.

Round Tripping Transactions 

FAME - round trips - CygnetGSP

The round tripping transactions report indicates those transactions where there has been some sale and purchase within group and these are many times done to favourably impact sales position. Any unusual spike here can raise red flags for corrective action. 

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