GST Returns Compliance Score

Check Your Performance On GST Returns Filing Trends

GRC Score Introduction

GRC Score or GST returns compliance score is a rating calculated based on the returns filing trends of a company. GRC score comprises of two parts GRC score for GSTR-1 & GRC score for GSTR-3B, over the last 12 months. Two scores are built, both based on delays in filing GST returns – GSTR1, GSTR3B filing.

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Benefits Of GRC Score

Helps you to assess your vendors GST returns compliance

Helps you assess your customers GST returns compliance

Helps you assess your own GST returns compliance

Calculates based on 100% authentic data from Govt. Portal

Cygnet B360 Report

Business Intelligence Reports

Cygnet B360 assessment is a tool to dive deep into a company’s financials using multi-dimensional analysis of GST returns, IT returns and bank statement. The solution takes a consent from the company to access these documents and then provides an extensive report with summaries, charts, trends and business insights in B360 report.

Reports Generated From B360 tool

Benefits Of B360 Report

Used by Banks & NBFCs for loan assessment

Used by Banks & NBFCs to create new credit products

Used by Corporates for vendor assessment

Used by Corporates to take decisions on vendor credit

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