Tax Automation Solutions For
GST Related Issues

Case Study 1

End-to-End Automation for a Large Private Bank in India

Client: The client is a World Class Indian Private Bank offering banking services to retail and wholesale customer agents

  • A total of 128 GSTIN’s returns to be filed (GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B for each GSTIN each month)
  • Manual uploading of JSON files on GSTN portal for all 128 GSTINs
  • Rectifying the errors and then re-uploading the JSON files multiple times
  • Manually reconciling the transactions, the ones uploaded on GSTN portal and the data available in the bank’s source system

Benefits: Saving of 300-350 man-hours in tax compliance every month

Cygnet GSP Solution: Cygnet GSP provided a complete automation solution for return filing from error identification and reconciliation to return filing and reporting. We made use of our Lego Blocks philosophy where we used the DSU and ASP components developed in-house by Cygnet which was fitted into architecture to create a perfect solution for the bank’s problem areas.

Case Study 2

Provided a data converter utility to a leading bank

Client: The client is an Indian banking company incorporated in year 1997. Initially registered as a non-banking financial company later became a public financial institution.

  • Multiple data sources and data formats with multiple file extensions
  • Erroneous as well as missing data in all the source files
  • No centralized data source

Benefits: Saving of 7 man-days in tax compliance every month

Cygnet GSP Solution: Cygnet developed a data converter utility that helped to convert data from multiple source systems into our system acceptable format. In order to automate the same, our team built logic and validations to calculate missing data such as Invoice value, Taxable Value, HSN code & description. We also provided a customized solution for storing the B2Cs & HSN summaries generated daily in a separate folder

Case Study 3

Using Robotic Process Automation for a Pharma Giant

Client: The client is one of the global top 15 pharmaceutical companies offering branded and generic formulations, biosimilars and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). A significant player in the US, India & Japan

  • Complicated Data Management
  • Nearly 2 day’s processing time for 1000 rows per spreadsheet
  • 20-30% chances of human errors in the final outcomes
  • Inability to cope with unexpected spikes in manual data entries

Technology: RPA (using Python, Data frame and SMTP) for managing data in excel sheets. Reduced manual time from 5 days to 15 min

Cygnet Solution: Cygnet’s business analysts understood the client’s expectations and detailed requirements to identify their challenges. After thorough discovery, the team proposed the implementation of a Robotic Process Automation Solution. Our team built a robust BOT to address the identified data management and accuracy challenges.

Case Study 4

SAP integration for an Indian Pharmaceutical Giant

Client: Our client is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies that solely focuses on manufacturing, marketing of products across multiple markets and therapeutic segments. Established in 1999, they are the leader in intravenous nutrition products and committed to the best partners, parties, and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

  • Integrate their existing SAP system with an efficient GST Solution
  • Wanted a scalable and secure fully automated GST compliant solution to report data for SAP & non SAP system
  • The client wanted to connect its various stakeholders who were spread across the multiple parts of the country to combine the entire data

Technology: SAP ECC 6.0, SD, MM, ABAP, TAXINJ to TAXINN, Oracle DB

Cygnet Solution: Cygnet developed a system investing months in research, design, development of SAP solution to pull the data according to GSTN format and pushes the data automatically to the Cygnet portal. The team provided a customized end-to-end automated solution for integrating SAP to GSTN. In order to understand their structure, our team interacted with the client to understand their SAP structure & processes.

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