Highlights Of Notifications Issued On 15th Oct 2020

Highlights Of Notifications Issued On 15th Oct 2020

The Government issued the following Notifications on 15th October 2020 to give effect to the announcements and decisions of the recently held GST Council meeting.

Sr. No.

Notification No.Details


74/2020 – CTDue Date of quarterly GSTR 1 for Oct-Dec 2020 and Jan-Mar 2021: 13th of next quarter (turnover < 1.5 crores)


75/2020 – CTDue Date of monthly GSTR 1 for Oct 20 to Mar 21: 11th of next month (turnover > 1.5 crores)


76/2020 – CTDue Date of monthly GSTR 3B: turnover < 5 crores – 22nd/ 24th of next month depending on the state.
Mode of discharging tax, interest liability prescribed.


77/2020 – CTTaxpayers with turnover < 2 crores: Option given not to file an annual return for FY 2019-20


78/2020 – CTHSN digits to be reflected on invoices; turnover up to 5 crores – 4 digits (for B2B); turnover above 5 crores – 6 digits (for B2B and B2C)


79/2020*- CTVarious amendments made to CGST Rules, 2017 (elaborated below) and various forms


06/2020- IGSTNotifies no. of digits of HSN code required on invoices

*Notification No. 79/2020

  1. Filing of NIL returns through SMS facility: GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GST CMP-08 can be filed through registered mobile number.
  2. GST audit threshold enhanced: The GST audit threshold has been increased to 5 crores for taxpayers having turnover for FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20.
  3. Restrictions for the generation of E-way bill relaxed: Currently, taxpayers who have not filed returns for two consecutive periods are unable to generate an E-way bill. This provision has been relaxed for return periods from February 20 to August 20 in the wake of Covid-19
  4. GSTR 2A functionalities enhanced to show data related to import of goods where Bill of Entry is filed; goods received from SEZ units/ developers where Bill of Entry is filed; return filing date of GSTR 1 and GSTR 5 to be reflected; status of GSTR 3B (whether filed or not) to be reflected; amendment period, if any to be reflected.

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