Cygnet Vendor Portal Application

  • Reconcile Vendor Invoices for Accurate ITC Claims
  • Auto Notify Vendors on Mismatches
  • Link Vendor Payments to Correct Reconciliation
  • Improve Vendor Relationships

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Cygnet Vendor Portal is a powerful web based application for clients and their vendors to reconcile their invoices for accurate ITC claims and smooth payment processing. 

  • 2-way reconciliation between inward invoices and GSTN
  • 2-way reconciliation between outward invoices and GSTN
  • Gives Match and Mismatch report
  • Real time verification with Govt. Portal
  • Sharing Responsibility with Vendors
  • Purchase order reconciliation can be done if necessary
  • Reduced internal resource demand
  • Real time Notification (Email/SMS) to Users

Benefits to Vendors

  • Visibility on invoices that are matched for payment
  • Notification on mismatched invoices
  • Timely payments without client follow up
  • Upload corrected invoices to GSTN directly
  • Improved relationships with clients

Benefits to Customers

  • Better visibility on vendor invoices
  • Claim rightful ITC
  • Reconcile purchases with vendor invoices through GSTN
  • Pay vendor only for the locked/matching invoices
  • Better vendor relationships

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