Why Cygnet GSP Is a Better Choice For GST Return Filing?

Why Cygnet GSP Is a Better Choice For GST Return Filing?

The market is loaded with GST software providers. But how many have the capabilities of reducing your work and making GST filing easy for you? How many of them are reliable and scalable depending on the business requirements? Well, your answer is Cygnet GSP. What makes Cygnet GSP better than the other software’s already available in the market? There are plenty of reasons to list why Cygent GSP is a better choice. Because it is a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) as well as an Application Service Provider (ASP). Now let us understand the challenges faced by those who are an ASP but Non- GSP Service Providers.

Challenges Faced by Non-GSP Providers (Only ASP)

  • Being a non-GSP provider, ASP is totally dependent on the third-party GSP for services as these take a pass-through API. This results in customers being dependent on two separate solution providers.
  • For non-GSP providers, there will be two separate data centers from where the data will be coming. These two data centers will ASP & GSP data centers respectively. Since there will be separate security checks to be done for both, plus they need to have a secured data exchange source. There is a lot of risks involved in this and you need to also verify the data centers certification before you proceed.
  • If your ASP or GSP uses a third-party data center, then the dependency is totally on the Data Center Service Providers and customers can do nothing about it, just wait for the data to be transmitted.
  • Having two different parties for ASP and GSP can make it difficult to point from where the issue is rising, hence increasing the filing time and errors too.

These are some challenges that you need to overcome so that you don’t make any delays in filing your returns.

How Cygnet GSP Can Help You Overcome These Challenges?

  • Cygnet is both a government-approved GSP and an ASP. So, there is no need for third-party dependency which increases the speed of the work.
  • Cygnet has cleared all the certifications like ISO 27001 and VAPT, which are mandatory by the GSTN. Thus, the customer’s data is highly secured as it does not have to collect from two different data centers. GSP does it all for you.
  • Cygnet has its own Data Center and it also has a Disaster Recovery (DR) Data Center. Which means, no data will be lost or insecure. The dependency on third Party Data Center is also zero. Both the Primary and DR Data Centers have a direct lease line connectivity with the GSTN Data Center. Which means a customer has control of his/her data.
  • Because Cygent is both as ASP and GSP, its API versions and the necessary upgrades are in sync with the GSTN. Hence, there are no delays of any sort. Cygnet is also involved in UAT for all the GSTN related developments giving clients seamless updates every time.
  • Cygnet is capable enough to identify the issues/queries related to ASP, GSP or even if the query is at the Data Centre Level.
  • Cygnet is a software development company has the intrinsic ability to provide end-to-end Business System Integrations like ERP integration for GST Filing/ EWB Generation.

Functional Benefits

  • Systems Integration: Cygnet GSP provides an end-to-end integrated system with SAP or any other ERP solution so that data is auto fetched from the source systems for further actions.
  • Single Portal: Cygnet GSP provides the feature of using a single login to access different locations (GSTIN) instead of having to logout and login every time for different locations.
  • Integration with GSTN: Cygnet GSP gives you this advantage as it is GSP and you don’t have to go through another ASP-GSP
  • Upload, Submit, File Returns: Only Cygnet GSP has the ability to do all three from the same system.

Key Takeaways

Cygnet GSP is a government-approved GSP & ASP with clients across multiple industries and domains.  The comparison above already gives a clear picture that Cygent GSP is a better choice in many ways than one for your GST filing needs. Your data is always secure, and you will have the ease to reconcile data fast and in huge numbers. It is one of the best GST return filing software in India. If you are still looking for a GSP & ASP service provider, then Cygnet GSP is the right choice for you.

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